Rob Kardashian Reportedly Cut Blac Chyna Off Financially, But She Isn't Sweating It

Just as a reminder, Rob Kardashian makes socks emblazoned with phrases like "pop champagne" and "team groom."

Rob Kardashian, who's hanging out in headlines this week for seemingly sharing nude images of Blac Chyna without consent amid an apparent smear campaign attempt, has reportedly cut off his ex-fiancée financially. The designer of inconsequential socks will cease making payments on Chyna's Tarzana rental, TMZreported Friday.

The amount of sweating it Chyna is doing about this move, however, reportedly amounts to zero. She's more than fine on her own. Sources toldTMZ that Kardashian currently has two cars he previously gifted to Chyna, as well as jewelry. All items were returned to Kardashian of Chyna's own accord. Furthermore, Chyna is "confident" she'll be earning substantial income in the future.

As for Dream Renée Kardashian, the Rob & Chyna stars' daughter, they're both reportedly "unlikely" to head to court for custody or financial assistance anytime soon. Though Kardashian is allegedly interested in raising the child alone, neither parent wants to risk a potentially unfavorable decision from a judge by hitting the court system just yet.

As previously reported by exactly who you would expect, the rest of the Kardashian family is reportedly (there's that word again!) feeling "ashamed" over the "public spectacle" initiated by Rob's recent social media activity. Dream, the family supposedly says, could suffer "long-term damage" related to Kardashian's comments about having a child out of spite.

The Kardashians also reportedly (again!) feel like the family name and brand has been damaged, which hopefully means we can just cancel all the shows, pull all the products, undrink the Pepsi, and move on from this "brand" entirely. I'm fucking tired. Aren't you?

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