Napping on Quentin Tarantino's Set May Result in a Pic of Your Sleeping Face Next to a Purple Dildo Named Big Jerry

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The man pictured above is very obviously Quentin Tarantino, the god-level director responsible for The Hateful Eight and Pulp Fiction and many more of your favorite movies (or even just trailers) of all time. Given that dude has never been one to buckle to surely frustrated publicists' pressure to play the usual boring Hollywood game, the latest revelation surrounding life on a Quentin Tarantino movie set should come as little surprise.

"To put it the exact right way," Tarantino told Conan O'Brien earlier this week. "It did always kind of bug me when you shoot at night and all of a sudden you see a crew member sleeping or an actor sleeping. That always kind of bugged me. So I came up with something where it wouldn't bug me." Of course, the only logical method of ensuring that a sleeping crew member or actor doesn't bug a director is to enlist the services of a kind purple dildo lovingly named Big Jerry:

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"Big Jerry is a big purple dildo," Tarantino clarified. "You look like a fireman," Conan astutely noted when Tarantino proceeded to demonstrate how one might approach a sleeping actor with Big Jerry in tow. Thankfully, the adventures of Big Jerry rarely end in a simple photo op. Big Jerry and any given napper often end up emblazoned across t-shirts.

Keep fighting the good fight, Quentin.

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