Pete Davidson Drags His Hometown Staten Island: 'F*ck Them, They All Suck'

'Saturday Night Live' star Pete Davidson went all the way in and dissed his hometown Staten Island.

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Whether we publicly admit it or not, we all at least kinda hate our respective hometowns. But when the location of our origin story is loaded with a bunch of "Trump-supporting fucking jerk offs" with limited intelligence? Well, then we really fucking hate our hometown. That's the vibes of Saturday Night Live's Pete Davidson, who recently told Uproxx that he has nothing but the opposite of love for Staten Island.

"Fuck them," Davidson said when asked how much his SNL shine has impacted his Staten Island history. "They all suck. They have nothing to do with me or my success. It's a terrible borough, filled with terrible people. A fucking tidal wave could take out Staten Island, and I wouldn't even move in my sleep. In fact, I would sleep better. Fuck Staten Island. A bunch of Trump-supporting fucking jerk offs. Fuck them. End quote."

Davidson noted that his mother is still very much a Staten Island dweller, but not without reluctance. "My mother lives there because she's too fucking stupid to realize she shouldn't," Davidson toldUproxx Monday. Elsewhere, Davidson called Staten Island kids "mean" and recounted his teen years spent moving from high school to high school. "I had a really rough time," Davidson said.

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Davidson opened up about his current Midtown living situation to Complex earlier this month, noting he may have been wrong about his previous shunning of Los Angeles as an alternative. "Growing up here, you think this is how every place is," Davidson told Complex. "I used to be like, 'Fuck L.A.' But this is an awful way to live."

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