Paul Rudd and James Corden Become Fast Friends During a Never-Ending Urinal Chat

This really is the best way to chat with someone and make them your instant BFF.

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When Paul Rudd stopped by James Corden’s talk show to do some talking, he thankfully introduced a slight twist to the Late Late Show's usual chat format: peeing. Covering every possible vital topic from politics to strategic karaoke tactics, Rudd and Corden used their semi-intimate urinal encounter to build what will surely become a fully blossomed friendship in no time.

"I don’t think I’m gonna vote this year," Rudd tells Corden while holding a sandwich and urinating at the time. "It’s just kind of pointless. It’s not going to come down to one vote." While prepping some honey for proper consumption whilst also urinating, Corden rebukes Rudd’s political plans: "If everyone thought like that, then no one would vote."

Though Corden managed to get in and out after a reliving bout of urination, Rudd ended their encounter while still in the middle of a profoundly lengthy bladder emptying session. However, the Captain America: Civil War (and Sausage Party!!!) star did eventually zip up and move on, as he managed to make his way into Corden’s studio for a more traditional chat later that day:

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Want to really bond with someone? Get to know them while urinating.

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