While Paul Rudd is mostly known for his comedic performances, you can tell—even then—that he's comfortable taking darker and more dramatic turns. The actor, who recently played superhero Ant-Man on the big screen, will now star in An Ideal Home—a more serious film, but probably still funny—alongside English actor and comedian Steve Coogan.

Directed by Andrew Fleming, who is best known for directing films such as The CraftHamlet 2, and Nancy DrewAn Ideal Home follows Coogan and Rudd as a couple who live a complicated, but very comfortable life. Their situation grows even more difficult when Coogan's character learns he has a grandson, who shows up out of nowhere with no place to stay. 

While there aren't many more details on the casting or plot, An Ideal Home sounds like it's going to be a warm dramedy about two people trying to make the best of a sticky situation. And Coogan and Rudd are both historically great so it's hard to imagine them not having good chemistry. 

Rudd will next appear as Ant-Man in Captain America: Civil War, which will hit theaters later this year. Coogan also has a ton in the works, including two dramas: Shepherds and Butchers and The Dinner

A release date for An Ideal Home has yet to be announced.