Recent headline-grabbing follies aside, prospective Daredevil Matt Damon's decades-strong filmography is pretty untouchable. Good Will Hunting may have kicked off his household name status, and that profitable batch of Jason Bourne movies may have cemented him as a reliable action star, but even his misfires aren't without their merits. Thankfully, James Corden decided to explore as much of Damon's cinematic journey as humanly possible on Tuesday's Late Late Show.

Though the bulk of the giggles arise from Corden's flippant treatment of Damon's roles in the Ocean's saga and that aforementioned batch of Bourne blockbusters, the duo also manages to achieve some interplanetary humor by inserting actual (?) Martians into the brief summary of Damon's forthcoming space trek with Ridley Scott, The Martian.

Earlier this week, Damon took his Mars tour to Jimmy Kimmel Live! in an effort to finally alleviate any and all beef between the two longstanding foes. Through a quick couples therapy session, the feuding duo were able to voice their respective complaints while also never actually settling the beef.