Another Hidden Safe Was Uncovered Inside Pablo Escobar's Former Miami Mansion

This is the second safe to have been discovered on the property.

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Another hidden safe has been discovered inside Pablo Escobar's former Miami mansion, a property the notorious Colombian drug lord purchased in 1980 and had seized by the federal government in 1987. The safe is currently being housed in a secure location following the mysterious disappearance of the first uncovered safe, CBS News reports.

"I pulled the wall down, and when the wall fell, it's actually like a hollow floor," Miguel Mato, the construction worker who discovered the safe, says. "And when the wall fell on the floor, it kind of broke into it and then I saw it. I saw the safe." Demolition of the property started earlier this month at the request of the property's new owners, according to the Associated Press. Christian de Berdouare and his wife, Jennifer Valoppi, bought the old Escobar spot in 2014 for a totally reasonable $9.65 million. Escobar is believed to have originally paid just under $760,000 for the mansion.

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"For us, this is the holy grail," de Berdouare told BBC shortly after the second safe was discovered. The home's surely perplexed new owners are currently working on a documentary about the mansion's storied history, a documentary which will presumably include the big reveal of whatever the hell dude was keeping in this safe.

In related news, the return of Narcoscouldn't come soon enough.

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