Daryl Dixon Faces His Most Annoying Battle Yet When 'The Walking Dead' Becomes 'The Hoverboarding Dead'

Let's be real. Everyone calling a device that doesn't actually hover a "hoverboard" is far scarier than any walker.

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The year is 2016. Too many people are voting for Donald Trump. The Transformers franchise keeps threatening to never go away. Hoverboards, a long-promised staple of a utopian future, have been hijacked by the popularity of (officially unsafe) devices that do not actually hover yet cling to the name like grim death. In short, everything is pretty horrible and often downright terrifying.

For noted horror expert Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus), he of motorcycles and The Walking Dead, these "hoverboards" can even make a post-apocalyptic wasteland even more post-apocalyptic-y thanks to their highly concentrated levels of lameness. Dixon Reedus stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live on Tuesday to prove this harrowing point, which presumably resulted in the glorious destruction of dozens of non-hovering hoverboards in the name of art.

Reedus, who recently landed his own series via Walking Dead juggernauts AMC, even bravely opened up about that time an overzealous Dead fan proceeded to bite him, for reasons not entirely clear:

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Reedus, who has triumphantly survived nearly six seasons of relentless bloodshed on The Walking Dead, is currently promoting the heist thriller Triple 9. In what could surely be no coincidence, Reedus is joined in Triple 9 by his fellow AMC alum Aaron Paul (Breaking Bad) because AMC may or may not own every facet of entertainment. Well played, TV. Well played.

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