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As Sacha Baron Cohen makes quite clear in the film's just-released red band trailer, The Brothers Grimsby is taking the responsibility of a well-earned R rating quite seriously. Fittingly, the Bruno mastermind decided to drop in on Jimmy Kimmel for a televised hang-out on Wednesday to celebrate the filthy flick's arrival by generously sharing a clip.

That clip, however, was simply too explicit Oscar-worthy for ABC's eyes and ears. "We have a clip," Kimmel defeatedly told his audience.  "It is unacceptable for broadcast television, but what we can do is show it to our studio audience and then the viewers at home can watch the studio audience watch the clip." After thanking Kimmel for his forwardness, Sacha Baron Cohen agrees to what initially sounds like ridiculous censoring but actually ends up being brilliant thanks to reaction shots like this:


But especially this:


The Brothers Grimsby arrives in theaters, glorious filth in tow, on Mar. 11.