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Transformers, the only movie franchise audacious enough to proudly get worse with each entry, is reportedly keeping the studio's wallet in mind when it comes to the forthcoming bombardment of sequels and spin-offs. With Michael Bay delivering his robocar swan song in Transformers 5 next year, the Hollywood Reporter says Paramount is looking for a "cheaper director" to bring Transformers 6 into existence.

Transformers 6, which is also being described as a "lower-cost" production overall, is currently set as a Bumblebee spin-off centered on the unheard story of what is easily the most popular character in the franchise. "There are characters in the Transformers universe that can be and should be made into their own movies," Paramount Pictures CEO Brad Grey tells THR. "We’ve brought in a pretty strong writing staff run by Akiva Goldsman, and they have put together eight or nine interesting stories." Adding that Steven Spielberg will continue to provide "guidance on a story level," Grey says the franchise is (obviously) "big business for us to pursue."

Bumblebee is cool and all, but the thought of a seemingly endless amount of Transformers movies arriving annually for the foreseeable future definitely has us feeling some type of way:

Bumblebee, which will definitely be relatively Michael Bayless, is set to arrive in June 2018.