Nine California Police Officers Brutalize Frightened Black Teen for Jaywalking

The unidentified teenager was reportedly hit with a baton multiple times before being wrestled to the ground by nine police officers in Stockton.

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As fervent cop worshipers continue dumping fuel on the fire of bullshit that is the so-called "war on cops," actual cops are in the streets doing their part to disprove every facet of that insulting manipulation. The video above, reportedly filmed near a bus stop in Stockton, shows the level of ease at which many police officers are able to instigate unjust acts of violence against everyday Americans under the guise of "protect and serve."

According to the video's description, the teen was walking to a bus stop when a Stockton police officer (the one seen in the beginning of the video) ordered him to stop after a supposed jaywalking offense. When the individual chose instead to proceed to the bus stop, the officer then brandished his baton before "all this happened." The unidentified officer is seen in the video trying to hit the suspect in the face with his baton more than once, with the emotionally shaken suspect covering his face with his hands and eventually sobbing.

Eight additional officers ultimately arrive on the scene, forcing the suspect to the ground and apprehending him as a bystander shouts "He's a fucking kid! Call his fucking mama!" As noted by Raw Story, jaywalking is categorized as an infraction (i.e. not even a misdemeanor) and carries a small fine of up to $191. Though it's been noted by multiple minds on multiple occasions, it's certainly a call to action worth restating: America clearly needs immediate police reform on a federal level.

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