'Magic School Bus' Takes Suicide Mission Into Trump's Body on 'Colbert'

The 'Magic School Bus' crew somehow failed to capture footage of rotting Filet-O-Fish sandwiches.

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Stephen Colbert provided some girther-approved entertainment on Wednesday night's Late Show. Following the release of Trump's heavily debated medical exam results, Colbert decided to send the Magic School Bus crew deep into the heart of Filet-O-Fish purgatory, a.k.a. Trump's body.

Ms. Frizzle's bus was unfortunate enough to encounter Cheetos, brain-dwelling insects, a river of Diet Coke, KKK-supporting blood cells, and an angry prostate for the special "Inside Donald" clip. Tragically, the bus was forced to use the emergency "shithole" exit to escape further terrors of Trump's insides. Trump, of course, knows a thing or three about shitholes. After all, he and his supporters basically amount to a cult of walking anuses.


As the contents of Trump's stomach (and, subsequently, his character) have me feeling nearly vomitous, I propose we spend the rest of these 250 or so words talking about the Magic School Bus franchise. To the delight of many, Netflix dropped the continuation series Magic School Bus Rides Again back in September.

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The sequel stars Saturday Night Live's Kate McKinnon as Fiona Felicity Frizzle, the younger sister of Professor Valerie Frizzle (Lily Tomlin). Will Arnett, Mae Jamison, and Sandra Oh also have recurring voice roles. All 13 episodes of Magic School Bus Rides Again—featuring a new theme song by Lin-Manuel Miranda—are now available on Netflix.

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