American Lung Association Puts Leonardo DiCaprio on Blast for Vaping

He'd gladly trade the vape pen for an Oscar.

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Leonardo DiCaprio, who recently dominated the Screen Actors Guild Awards with his performance as Someone Who Vapes, is now the latest target of the American Lung Association. In a statement obtained by TMZ, the association described DiCaprio's vaping tendencies as "deeply troubling." On the eve of DiCaprio's vaping offense, the internet appeared to either agree or disagree, depending on which joke you find the funniest:

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According to the American Lung Association, using a vape pen similar to DiCaprio's is totally legal within "theatrical production sites" but remains a general no-no everywhere else in Los Angeles. Furthermore, the association argues that DiCaprio's behavior exposes those around him to cancer and other "secondhand dangers." As previously reported, DiCaprio's affinity for the vape life does not extend far enough to include a friendship with Miley Cyrus:

Vape responsibly or not at all.

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