Larsa Pippen Responds to Cardi B’s Assessment of Her Claim That She and Scottie Had Sex 4 Times a Night

These days, Larsa is in a relationship with Marcus Jordan, who recently said he wanted his dad, Michael Jordan, to be best man at their wedding.

larsa and cardi are pictured
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larsa and cardi are pictured

Larsa Pippen has offered a noticeably belated response to Cardi B's assessment of her decidedly viral "four times a night" copulation claim.

As you’ll recall, March of this year brought with it a Real Housewives of Miami reunion special in which Larsa alleged that she and former husband, Scottie Pippen, used to have sex “four times a night.” According to Larsa, she “never had a day off for 23 years.”

Cardi B later addressed this number, albeit without mentioning Larsa or Scottie by name. In short, Cardi questioned the veracity of such claims, arguing that such a daily volume of fucking is likely a sign that something is amiss.

When asked about this response by BravoCon 2023 moderator Danny Pellegrino, Larsa stood by her original remarks, all while questioning why anyone would claim to know about the more intimate parts of her life.

"You know, I don’t know. How can someone else comment on how many times I have sex, you guys?" Larsa said during the panel. "Like, she wasn’t in bed with us, so I don’t know. And I don’t know, I kind of feel like that was comical."

Elsewhere during the panel, Larsa discussed her focus on OnlyFans and her tequila brand, as seen here.

Last month, Marcus Jordan announced that he wanted his father, Michael Jordan, to serve as best man at his and Larsa's wedding. Previously, MJ made headlines for saying that he does not approve of Marcus and Larsa's relationship.

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