Larry David Isn't Opposed to Doing Even More 'Curb Your Enthusiasm'

God isn't real. But if she were, I would thank her for this blessing.

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Larry David, the only person brave enough to use his celebrity status to incrementally chip away at the burdensome rules of societal interaction, has been everywhere recently thanks to the long overdue return of the mantra-filled Curb Your Enthusiasm. This week, the champion of appropriate tongs usage stopped by the Rich Eisen Show on AT&T Audience Network for a fairly lengthy chat about Curb, Seinfeld, golf, and much more.

Asked if the positive response to the return of Curb after nearly six long years away had inspired him to commit to a tenth season, David provided a pleasantly optimistic update. "I'm thinking about it," David said. "I'm not committing to it as of yet, but I'm thinking about it." David added there's "absolutely" a chance we'll get even more new Curb in the future, only this time without a sadness-including hiatus. "By the way, if I do it, there won't be a five-year-in-between wait," he vowed. "That's for sure. I'll be on crutches by then."


Elsewhere in the interview, David discussed whether it's acceptable to bring a dessert tray to a party, only to take it back home with you at the end of the night in the event of a large amount of leftovers. According to David, one should base their dessert retrieval tactics on the general awareness level of the host. Catch David's full chat with Eisen below.

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We're currently three episodes deep into Curb's ninth season. The most recent, last week's "A Disturbance in the Kitchen," featured a top-shelf guest appearance from Elizabeth Banks.

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