Kylie Jenner Is Already Receiving Multimillion-Dollar Sex Tape Offers

Kylie has received ludicrous offers from Vivid, Digital Playground, and BangYouLater.

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Though Kylie Jenner's 18th birthday celebration in Montrealreportedly lacked a certain profundity, the copious amounts of offers apparently swarming in for films of an adult nature are quite profound indeed. Vivid Entertainment, the same cerebral art studio that brought you The Avengers XXX and Star Wars XXX, reportedly offered Kylie a paltry $10 million for a decidedly NSFW film featuring her and noted fan of a fan Tyga.

Sadly, Vivid CEO Steve Hirsch (another college success story) had the annoying audacity to reference sister Kim Kardashian's 2003 sex tape with other noted fan of a fan of a fan Ray J in the offer letter, according to esteemed literary journal TMZ. Predictably, Vivid faces some relatively serious though ultimately nonthreatening competition from fellow distributors of cerebral art Digital Playground and BangYouLater. Though BangYouLater is offering a specific financial gain of $1.8 million, Digital Playground wants Kylie to become their "Brand Ambassador."

Of course, Kylie and Tyga don't doesn't need any of this nonsense. She's busy ingeniously blurring the lines between fact and fiction (art and commerce), redefining the concept of celebrity by cautiously embracing it with a poetic sense of adventure. Team Kylie.


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