Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott's Rumored Baby Reportedly Due Same Month as KimYe's Third

Sources say it's lit.

Kylie Jenner
Image via Getty/Bob Levey
Kylie Jenner

Sadly, this is not going to be another article about Travis Scott's plans to bring amusement park rides with him on the AstroWorld tour or the 20 songs he has in the bag with Quavo. Instead, this is another entry in the saga of the alleged baby.

The usual suspects over at TMZcobbled together a Photoshopped image of Scott and Kylie Jenner standing among pink balloons, slapped the word exclusive on it, then tossed it out into the universe alongside claims that the two are expecting a girl. The latest report also claims that Jenner is "around five months pregnant," which means the baby will arrive in January, around the same time as Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's alleged third child. As previously TMZ'd, Kardashian and West are reportedly going the surrogate route this time.


David Grutman, owner of the LIV nightclub in Miami and noted name-drop recipient in West's Yeezus opener "On Sight," added approximately 48,000 gallons of fuel to the speculation fire surrounding the alleged Jenner-Scott baby with a simple Instagram caption Monday.

Of course, Grutman's "dad" remark could simply be a reference to Scott Disick and himself. Disick, as the world knows, is indeed a dad. Grutman, meanwhile, recently did some dadding up of his own.

Nothing even remotely official has been announced regarding either alleged baby, but that hasn't stopped unpaid freelance detectives from blowing literally every single Jenner-related Instagram and Snapchat post completely out of proportion.

We won't do that here, but we will remind you that both Scott and West are also expected to drop new albums before year's end.

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