Kendall and Kylie Jenner Get Closer to World Domination With the Launch of Their First Mobile Game

And they'll make a million a minute. They'll make a million a minute. They will.

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Reality is terrible. Thankfully, we have Kendall Jenner and Kylie Jenner here to deliver the latest distraction from life's most pressing woes: their very first mobile game. Glu Mobile's Kendall & Kylie hit the App Store and Google Play on Wednesday, promising the millions of eventual players the unique opportunity of interacting with the likenesses of Kendall and Kylie as they choose their own adventures of mystery and intrigue.

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Not unlike Kim Kardashian’s own equally compelling mobile gaming experience, Kendall & Kylie gives players the chance to carve out their own career in the entertainment industry without ever leaving the house. As the trailer (see above) makes quite clear, the result is something truly mind-consuming indeed.

The rest of the fam has already started tweeting and 'gramming out the Kendall & Kylie co-signs, meaning the inevitable App Store shutdown should now be just moments away. "I just downloaded the Kendall & Kylie game!!!!!" Kim tweeted. "So fun! Everyone go get it!!!!!!"

Though mysteriously omitted from the press release, the chance of experiencing some hypnotic banality while deeply engaged in a Kendall & Kylie digital mini-adventure is indeed quite high. Also, though it should most certainly go without saying, the game will undoubtedly be a monstrous success. Kim Kardashian: Hollywood, after all, made (and is still making) very large sums of money and even nabbed a few awards.

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