Kris Jenner Cans Entire Security Staff After Fan Breaks Into Her Home

The unidentified man reportedly broke into the home while Kim Kardashian and Saint West were inside.

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Kris Jenner has fired every member of her security team after a fan successfully entered her home undetected earlier this week, E! News reports. "Kris Jenner did fire her security guards yesterday in the wake of the lapse that occurred," a source confirms. “She’s currently looking for a new team but is now using security that Kanye uses."

While Kris was decorating for the holidays, the man reportedly "walked right into" the home after falsely telling community security officials he had a previously scheduled meeting. The man then entered Kris’s office, at which point she notified the authorities while a member of her now-fired security team grabbed the intruder. The unnamed individual, believed to be from out of state, was later detained and placed on psychiatric hold.

"Turns out that Saint [West] and Kim [Kardashian] were in the house during the incident," E!’s insider says. "Everyone at the house was really upset that security didn’t do their job properly." Sadly, this doesn't mark the first time the Kardashian-Jenner family's privacy has been breached. Kris Jenner was hacked, impersonated, and stalked back in 2014, eventually resulting in the FBI's involvement.

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