Kim Kardashian Reportedly Wants Kanye West to Chill With the Controversial Tweets

Ye's most recent Twitter topic centered on the ridiculously high prices of school textbooks.

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Surrounding the long-awaited unveiling of his fantastic seventh album The Life of Pablo, Kanye West has made his equally long-awaited return to the art of the tweetstorm. This return, however, has had far less to do with tweets about water bottle responsibility and far more to do with almost daily controversy, including an unfortunate mention of Amber Rose that eventually resulted in a selfie collab with Kim Kardashian that perplexed (but ultimately encouraged) the planet:

However, according to some predictably unnamed "sources" from People, Kardashian is reportedly not the biggest fan of 'Ye's so-called "compulsive" tweeting habits. "Kim can't stand it," this source tells People, presumably while listening to The Life of Pablo. "She is all for self-promotion, but doesn't approve of Twitter drama." The latest batch of tweets, unveiled Tuesday afternoon, eschewed such "drama" in favor of addressing the preposterously overinflated prices of school textbooks. "I'd rather teachers get paid more and books cost less," Kanye tweeted.

When it comes to other Pablo-centered controversies, including that one Taylor Swift line in "Famous," Kim Kardashian is allegedly not concerned. "The album is getting tons of attention now," the source says. "This was the plan." In semi-related news, Kim personally selected the butt (belonging to Sheniz Halil) that appears on the meme-proof cover of The Life of Pablo.

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