Kim Kardashian Reveals Her Favorite Kanye West Songs of All Time

Kim Kardashian ranked her favorite Kanye West songs, compiling a playlist of 28 'Ye classics.

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Quick! Name your 28 favorite Kanye West tracks. Hella daunting, yeah? First of all, if the supremely underrated 808s & Heartbreak cut "RoboCop" doesn't make your list, are you even a real person? No. No you are not. Secondly, Kim Kardashian has kindly offered up her own definitive ranking of 'Ye favorites and compiled them into a handy TidalSpotify playlist for easy consumption.

"Kanye's Saint Pablo tour just started and I am so excited to be going with him," Kim wrote on her official website Monday. "To celebrate, I put together this playlist of some of my favorite Kanye songs from over the years. Listen and enjoy!" Great advice. Will do.

Kim's list of 28 essentials features several tracks from The Life of Pablo, though it also manages to pluck a few classics from nearly every era of Kanye's discography. Watch the Throne gets a few nods, as does the the 2014 Rick Ross and Big Sean collab "Sanctified." Of course, "Cold" also makes the cut. Good call, Kim Kardashian.

Speaking withE! News' Ken Baker last week, Kanye revealed what fans can expect from the currently-in-progress Saint Pablo tour, which thankfully includes a dope AF floating stage. "I just wanted people to get into it and have a fun time," Kanye said. "Make it not be just about watching the artist but people watching their friends and singing along with the lyrics and just being able to see themselves and their outfits. Take the concert experience to another level. It's not just about what you're seeing on the screen or what you're seeing me doing up on the stage, but what you and your friends are doing."

Peep Kim's Spotify playlist of fav 'Ye tracks below:

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