There was plenty to tweet about during Tuesday's The Hills 10th anniversary special on MTV. Just ask our guy Spencer Pratt. But one shining moment in the MTV special officially dubbed That Was Then, This Is Now was the revelation that Kim Kardashian, now a confirmed "mobile mogul," taped a Hills cameo back in the day that sadly never made it to air.

The scene, set free from the cutting room floor during Tuesday's anniversary special, revolves around Kim popping in for a party at Heidi's house because the one and only Brody Jenner was deeply embedded in this social circle. There's some chatting about jellyfish, though we don't actually get to see the jellyfish very well. Pleasantries are exchanged between Kim and everyone else and that makes for fine television but, again, we really needed more from the jellyfish.

While liveblogging the 10th anniversary special for Broadly, Heidi shared her thoughts on the Kim cameo that should have made it to air. "KIM KARDASHIAN!!!" Heidi wrote. "I love her! She was always so nice and sweet. She attended our housewarming party and loved my jellyfish." Again with the jellyfish!

Though the cameo wasn't seen by the general public until 10 years later, things certainly worked out well for Kim Kardashian in the end. In fact, she recently expanded her reality TV empire by signing on to produce a new series centered on a competition to land the coveted title of "America's next superstar beauty blogger."

But anyway, what's that jellyfish up to these days?