Kim Kardashian BFF Jonathan Cheban Wants to Be the Guy Fieri for "Young and Hot" People

Jonathan Cheban, resident Kim Kardashian BFF, wants to be the Guy Fieri and/or the Anthony Bourdain for "young and hot" people.

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When plotting out one's life goals, the key is to name a pair of seemingly incomparable titans in any given field and then profess yourself to be just like them but for "young and hot" people instead. Duh. Jonathan Cheban, Kim Kardashian's BFF and founder of The Dishh, really took these words of wisdom to heart during a recent interview with GQ by evoking food lord Anthony Bourdain and Neko Atsume: Kitty Collector star Guy Fieri.

Cheban, who does food stuff on Snapchat as @FoodGod, told GQ he wants to do for food what the Kardashians have done for fame. "I'm a food environmentalist," Cheban said. "I'm about the food and the ambiance." When explaining his approach to sharing his finer dining experiences with his loyal followers, Cheban dropped this gem: "I definitely want to be like a Guy Fieri or Anthony Bourdain for the young and hot. That would be amaaazing."

At some point during the discussion, Cheban also took some unprecedented shots at rock shrimp. "Rock shrimp is so generic," Cheban toldGQ's Joshua David Stein, who ultimately ordered the rock shrimp. "Anyone I go to Nobu with who gets rock shrimp, I freak out on them. Every novice is like, 'Can I have the rock shrimp?' Then I'm always like, 'Don't order rock shrimp with me.' It's such a bad look on the table. It cheapens me. I'm embarrassed about it."

Ambition is an extremely dope quality to possess. We're all very here for it. But you can't really come for the Bourdain throne by mentioning Fieri in the same breath. Different waves, dude. Very different waves.

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