Keke Palmer: 'They Said My Net Worth Was $7.5 Million When I Only Had $100,000'

According to the 'Nope' actress, people shouldn't believe what they see when they Google stars' net worths.

keke palmer
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keke palmer

For the latest example of why no one should trust Google search-obtained net worth estimates of celebrities, we turn to Keke Palmer.

In a recent 360 interview with Speedy Morman, the Nope and Human Resources star was asked to share her thoughts on this oft-discussed topic, resulting in some decidedly candid remarks. As Speedy pointed out, a Google search resulted in a claim that her net worth falls at $7.5 million.

“Y’all can’t believe net worths,” Palmer cautioned. “Because first of all, they said my net worth was $7.5 million when I only had $100,000 in the bank. They’re lies. Do not look at those. Do not look at that, okay? It’s inaccurate.”

Getting a bit more specific, Palmer noted that there have been moments in her career where the actual number was significantly lower than that, though that’s not currently the case.

“There was times where it was less, now it’s more,” she said. “But there was times where it was less than that. That’s why I’m like, don’t believe that.”

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As announced back in February, among the projects next on the horizon for Palmer is Amsterdam director David O. Russell’s upcoming Super Toys alongside Sacha Baron Cohen.

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