Keith Lee’s New York Pizza Reviews Have Locals Begging for Better Suggestions

The popular TikTok food critic turned his attention to pizza for his latest video, again generating a debate spanning multiple social media platforms.


New York Pizza taste test 💕 would you try it ? 💕 #foodcritic

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Keith Lee has turned his attention to New York pizza, giving his opinions on a trio of Manhattan-area spots in his latest conversation-spurring TikTok.

"Me and my family are in New York and we got suggested a bunch of pizza spots," Lee says in the new clip’s intro, adding that his goal with the video was to simply rank the “top three suggested spots.”

For each restaurant, Lee ordered a single slice of cheese pizza and a single slice of their most popular combination pizza. To give viewers an idea of the size of the slices, he held each one up to the camera, using his other hand as a point of comparison.

The locations Lee reviews in his latest TikTok are Prince Street Pizza, Bleeker Street Pizza, and Joe’s Pizza. Prince Street comes out on top with an average rating from Lee of 7.7/10, with the restaurant’s Naughty Pizza option getting particularly enthusiastic praise.

Experience the pie-a-thon in full up top. Over on TikTok, viewers were quick to tell Lee that he should have ventured elsewhere in New York to avoid the more tourist-driven locales he found himself in this time around. Lee responded by welcoming future suggestions, telling his fans he'd be "looking at everyone under this comment."

Naturally, the conversation has since spread to Twitter and beyond.

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New Yorkers have also had a lot to say about Lee's review of a salmon chopped cheese, another suggestion that was swiftly questioned on social media.


Taste Budz Deli taste test 💕 would you try it ? 💕 #foodcritic

♬ original sound - Keith Lee

As you'll recall, Lee made waves earlier this year with his reviews of restaurants in the Atlanta area, swiftly generating a national debate that lasted weeks. Despite Lee not being impressed with his own personal experience at several familiar establishments in the city, he made sure to speak out against anyone who may want to use it as fuel to start trashing the businesses on social media.

"While we personally may not have the best personal service experience, it does not mean you will have the same experience," he reminded fans, adding that "you never know what people are going through."

Following his extensive media attention for the Atlanta videos, Lee, also known for his career as an MMA fighter, heaped praise on several restaurants after a visit to Houston.

For more on Keith Lee's viral TikTok journey, see here.

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