Jordan Peele Put His 'Get Out' Oscar Right in Front of a Very Familiar Chair

You know the one.

jordan peele
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jordan peele

Choosing where to display one's first Oscar is undoubtedly a daunting task, and I can't wait to have that kind of problem in the near future. For Jordan Peele, a great temporary location is directly facing the Emmy he bagged for Key & Peele back in 2016:

Peele, who won Best Original Screenplay for Get Out at Sunday's ceremony, followed up this tweet with a confirmation that the familiar chair seen in the background is indeed exactly what you think it is:

If you're some kind of dolt and haven't seen this year-old movie yet, remedy that soon. The chair in Peele's tweeted pic is the one Oscar-nominated Get Out star Daniel Kaluuya (Chris) gets hypnotized in, as seen in the clip below.

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Before landing the Best Original Screenplay honor, Peele revealed the nick-of-time change he made to the script that ultimately resulted in the film's greatness. In an earlier draft, Rose (Allison Williams) wasn't quite manipulative enough. "Right after the dinner sequence, we go up to Rose's bedroom," Peele told the Hollywood Reporter. "We don't know it yet, but she is this master manipulator. Originally, that scene was more basic than what it became. I had Chris going off on the fact that his fears were realized having seen the racist dynamic in her family. Rose basically told him, 'It's hard and they made ignorant comments but stay here and be with me and I love you.'

During rehearsal, Peele noticed that the Rose character was giving away her intentions too easily. Thus, he tweaked the script to show Chris giving a different response. "The subtext is, 'I can take this kind of racism,'" he said. "That switch had a really profound effect on how we view these characters, most importantly Rose." That last-minute change, Peele added, was a "total victory" for the production.

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