According to the Business Cards Jonah Hill Allegedly Hands Out in Lieu of Autographs, Meeting Him is a "Total Letdown"

Everyone should do this.

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​A quick glance at Jonah Hill's increasingly stacked filmography makes his young god status pretty clear: Superbad. Get Him to the Greek. 21 Jump Street. Moneyball. The Wolf of Wall Street. Dude's been a legend for years and he's barely older than 30. Of course, part of Jonah's life presumably includes fielding fans' requests for autographs and star-studded selfies for the 'gram. However, instead of boringly going along with that tomfoolery in the usual way, Jonah has reportedly put a unique spin on the act of bumping into a celebrity in public by presenting would-be autograph recipients with this tiny slice of genius:

The business cards Jonah Hill is handing out instead of autographs are ace

— Yahoo Movies UK (@YahooMoviesUK) December 2, 2015

A fan ran into Jonah and was reportedly given a business card that reads "I just met Jonah Hill. It was a total letdown" in lieu of an autograph, according to hard-hitting research from the esteemed film criticism journal known as Naughty Gossip. "Jonah actually had these printed up and is always carrying a bunch of them in his pocket," a predictably unnamed source tells reporters, with a seemingly snarky tone.

However, let’s side aside the snark and be as real as possible here: This is a pretty genius move. As noted by New York Daily News, Jonah’s "total letdown" card practice may or may not have been inspired by Steve Martin’s own card-giving method made infamous in the glorious 80s. "This certifies that you have had a personal encounter with me and that you found me warm, polite, intelligent and funny," those cards read. Steve Martin, of course, is also a god.

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