John Oliver Calls BS on Donald Trump's 'Sarcasm' Defense of Controversial ISIS Remarks

John Oliver was just as baffled as you were by Donald Trump's 'sarcasm' defense of his controversial ISIS remarks, dubbing it the 'douchebag apology.'

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Perhaps you heard the one about Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump publicly declaring that President Barack Obama is "the founder of ISIS," which is very much not true, and that Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton is the "co-founder," which is also very not true. John Oliver was as blown away by these remarks as the rest of us and spent a healthy portion of Sunday's Last Week Tonight attempting to make some sense of the Trump campaign's recent moves and predictably failing to find even the slightest semblance of logic in the campaign's actions.

"This was the 53rd consecutive week [Trump] was going to put his campaign back on track," Oliver said Sunday. However, as we just discussed, that was a futile task. "[Trump's] so insistent!" Oliver said after showing a clip of Trump doubling down on the ISIS comments. "He's like the guy drowning but waving off the lifeboat, saying 'Get out of here! I'm very buoyant! I'm the most buoyant! Everybody talks about my buoyancy! I'm a tremendous floater.'"

Trump would later tweet that media outlets like CNN were to blame for the controversy surrounding the comments, rebranding his ISIS remarks as "sarcasm." But Oliver isn't buying that nonsense, either. "Sarcasm is a bullshit excuse," Oliver said. "It's the douchebag apology!" That same analysis, Oliver noted, applies to Trump's equally controversial remarks regarding a so-called "rigged" election.

To prove the absurdity of such claims, you know our guy Oliver had to give that "Trump Election Observer" application a go. "In a way, we're all Trump Election Observers," Oliver said. "If you look out of your window in November and see Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, you'll know, oh shit, they just called Florida!"

If more Trump terror isn't exactly your bag, Oliver also delivered a report on the "feeding frenzy" vibes of used car loans with some help from Keegan-Michael Key:

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