Democratic nominee for president Hillary Clinton's campaign released a list of Republicans and independents who are supporting her 2016 presidential bid on Wednesday. The list is the result of recruitment of leading Republican and independent voters on the part of the Clinton camp, USA Today reports

The list was released on, a website run by Clinton's campaign for non-Democrats who are supporting Clinton for president. Together for America is self-described as an organization that "includes respected leaders in the fields of business, national security, foreign and economic policy, academia, entertainment, civil society, and politics and government."

Among the names released on Wednesday were former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg (no surprise there since Bloomberg spoke at the Democratic National Convention last month), Harry Sloan, former chairperson of MGM and a major donor to the Republican party, and Ambassador Robert Blackwill, who most recently served as Deputy National Security Adviser under president George W. Bush. Other members include former cabinet members and advisers who served presidents Reagan and George H.W. Bush, former senators, ambassadors, and notable registered Republicans or independents. 

Regarding the list of names and Together for America, Clinton campaign spokesperson John Podesta told USA Today in a statement that,

Americans are looking to the next president to help bring us together to tackle the big challenges facing the country and Hillary Clinton’s bi-partisan support is the latest proof that she can work across the aisle to make us stronger together.

USA Today further reports that Harry Sloan is actively working to recruit other Republicans for the Clinton cause, stating,

I think that she can speak to Republicans. What does she want to spend money on? She wants to spend money on infrastructure and on education. I think Republicans will support that, they’re living with the same infrastructure, they’re living with the same declining education system. So I am comfortable and I got more and more comfortable" after hearing what her priorities were.