Jay Leno Returns to 'The Tonight Show' to Call Billy Bush a Douchebag

Jay Leno stopped by 'Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon' to declare former NBC employee Billy Bush a douchebag.

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Billy Bush, douchebag? The latest bombshell allegation comes straight from the mouth of presumed douchebag expert Jay Leno, who kindly waltzed into Jimmy Fallon's Tonight Show monologue Monday night for a quick Bush shredding and a few other semi-timely thoughts on next week's presidential election.

After a trio of pretty tame (re: lame) Halloween jokes, the former Tonight Show host hit us with his best Billy Bush jab. "I had a great costume this year," Leno said. "Earlier tonight, I put a douchebag on my head and I was Billy Bush. As you know, Billy Bush got fired for the outrageous things he and Donald Trump said about women. I think Trump should hire Billy, this way he could grab Bush whenever he wanted."

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Though his Tonight Show days are behind him, Leno is still a part of the larger NBC family. Jay Leno's Garage, a thrilling television program centered on Jay Leno and his garage, currently airs on CNBC. The most recent season featured celebrity guests including the Red Hot Chili Peppers' Anthony Kiedis and X Games medal winner Doug Henry.

As for Billy Bush, the latest word on the Page Six streets is that dude's wife is "furious" about the leaked Access Hollywood tape in which Trump is heard boasting about fame giving one the ability to grab women "by the pussy" while Bush giggles and refuses to intervene. "Billy Bush's wife, Sydney Davis, was furious about the tape," an insider said Sunday. "Not just because of what was said, but because he was stupid enough to put himself in that position. It wasn't just the. . . vile talk, it's because he insisted the woman hug him and Trump. It was creepy."

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