Ice Cube Will Reportedly Get Scrooged in Universal's 'Humbug'

'Humbug' is described as a "contemporary retelling" of the classic Charles Dickens novella 'A Christmas Carol.'

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Ebenezer Scrooge, a.k.a. the original (and far less charming) Larry David, has been the subject of many jovial holiday-themed films since becoming a household name way back in 1843 thanks to Charles Dickens' classic novella A Christmas Carol. Though America is currently so spoiled with Xmas-worshiping cinematic fare that we dedicate entire programming blocks to low-key depressing (and generally countdown-themed) marathons, Ice Cube and Universal have decided to toss another one into the pantheon.

After winning a four-studio battle to the bidding death, Universal has announced their allegiance to Humbug with a "script deal worth high six figures." According to Deadline, Cube is expected to earn a handsome eight-figure salary for his portrayal of a wealthy (and decidedly Scrooge-esque) real estate mogul who ends up spending a great deal of time hanging out with three very persuasive ghosts:

Universal prevailed over MGM, New Line and Disney in a script deal worth high six figures against low seven-figures for scribes Todd R Jones and Earl Richey Jones. They originally set this script up at Relativity, and got it back as that company was heading into Chapter 11. UTA reps all the elements here, and the agency packaged it and went back out and it’s going to be a happy Christmas for everybody.

This is tremendous news for everyone sick of playing Elf and Jingle All the Way on an endless loop all December, but the real possibility of shaking up the holiday movie monopoly begins later this year with the arrival of the predictably brilliantA Very Murray Christmas. As Humbug is currently expected to arrive in 2017, we have just two short years to prepare for the inevitable debate surrounding the question "Who's a better Scrooge: Ice Cube or Bill Murray?"

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Prepare your arguments accordingly.

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