Flavor Flav Is the Proud Owner of the Real O.J. Simpson Statue

Flav received the statue as a gift years ago, even once attempting to return it to O.J.

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Though FX's American Crime Story: The People v. O.J. Simpson has (very sadly) come to an end, that doesn't mean the series single-handedly responsible for initiating the Schwimmerssance will suddenly stop being a consistent supplier of conversation topics. The latest revelation? The O.J. Simpson statue that had a crucial appearance in the series finale was actually a fake, as the real deal is owned by none other than Mr. Flavor Flav:

People Vs OJ I don't know were y'all got that fake statue of OJ from ,I got da reel one with me YALL,!!
FLAVOR FLAV pic.twitter.com/65vuvIy3an

— FLAVOR FLAV (@FlavorFlav) March 18, 2016

Though Flav first bragged of the statue on Twitter back in March, a fresh report from TMZreveals exactly how the Public Enemy legend inherited this storied piece of history. Flav was allegedly gifted the statue by radio host Mancow Muller, who originally bought it for an easy $3,250 at an auction in 1999. When Flav later tried to give the statue back to Simpson, he was reportedly told there was no point because "they would just take it away again."

With the first batch of American Crime Story now officially wrapped, both the stars of the FX series and those involved in the real trial of the century have been practically omnipresent in the press. Cuba Gooding Jr., who played O.J. Simpson in the record-smashing series, broke down the very real mental pressures of the role in a recent interview with FOX411. "There really is a darkness when you are playing someone psychotic," the phone-eating actor said. "You have to go there mentally. It's almost like we look over a cliff and picture yourself falling so that gives you a fear of it. So this is falling for six months and kind of what that means to you." It was worth it. American Crime Story: The People v. O.J. Simpson is (pretty easily) the best show of the year.

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