Jimmy Kimmel Debuts New Donald Trump Ad Paid for by His Most "Poorly Educated" Supporters

"I love the poorly educated," Trump said with pride during a recent speech.

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Donald Trump is really into people who might best be classified as "poorly educated." In fact, Trump gave this increasingly dense group of voters a shout-out during his victory speech in Nevada earlier this week. "We won the Evangelicals. We won with young. We won with old," Trump bragged on Tuesday, according to Gawker, before showing some support for his largest and most important group of supporters: dummies. "We won with poorly educated. I love the poorly educated."

Jimmy Kimmel, though not generally regarded as a political figure, decided to briefly enter that arena on Wednesday with the debut of what is purportedly a Donald Trump ad from a particularly passionate group of poorly educated Trump supporters zombies. "They feel the same way about you," Kimmel says after playing back a clip of Trump's poorly educated shout-out at around the :40 mark in the video above. "In fact, the poorly educated love [Trump] so much, they made him this advertisement."

To place Kimmel's political contribution firmly into context, here's some (alleged!) photographic documentation of who exactly dumped some cash into this ad:

All jokes at the poorly educated's expense aside, Trump's continued victories among a field of increasingly diminished GOP alternatives is indicative of a truly troubling pattern, regardless of one's political affiliations. For further proof of this imminent country-smashing danger, look no further than the New York Times' recent revelation that a whopping 31 percent of these same poorly educated Trump supporters also believe that whites are the "superior race."

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