David Blaine Puts His Senses to the Ultimate Test on ‘Hot Ones’ Season 19 Premiere

David Blaine joins host Sean Evans for a fascinating conversation about the art of illusion against the backdrop of some seriously hot sauces.

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David Blaine put his multifaceted, mystery-cultivating dexterity to the ultimate test with his appearance on a new episode of Hot Ones.

The episode, which marks the Hot Ones Season 19 premiere, opens with a reliably impressive rundown of what Blaine’s been up to as of late, including his new show at the Resorts World Theatre in Las Vegas and his upcoming Beyond Belief series on Disney+.

From there, host Sean Evans pressed Blaine about how his decades as a boundary-pushing illusionist could help him when it comes to a show with hot questions (and even hotter wings). 

“I don’t know how I’m gonna do with enduring this,” Blaine, who also shared a personal story about his own fondness for wings, admitted.

Elsewhere, the wide-ranging discussion sees Blaine reflecting on a number of his most memorable projects, including his balloon-based Ascension experience. Blaine also revealed a very important lesson he learned earlier in his career from magician David Copperfield.

Noting that Copperfield was at one point doing 650 shows a year, Blaine said Copperfield gave him an explanation on this prolific work ethic that stuck with him.

“He says, ‘Well, it takes me about 500 to get a new trick right, so that’s the beginning of starting to understand a new trick,’” Blaine said.

In fact, as Blaine pointed out, this is the mentality of all of his magician friends.

“It’s a compulsion. It’s all they think,” he told Evans.

See the full episode, which also includes a host-shocking surprise during the final minutes, via the YouTube embed up top.

Ahead of the launch of the latest season, the new hot sauce lineup was detailed in a special video from Evans. Revisit that below.

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