Complex Links With Instagram for First-of-Its-Kind Memeseum Experience

2020 was horrible, but at least we had a litany of memes to keep our minds from completely imploding. Now, experience those memes in a new way.

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A museum of memes—a memeseum, if you will—marks a unique collaboration featuring the creative input of Complex, Instagram, and Ka5sh.

In a team-up with a variety of emerging artists, as well as with augmented reality designer, this assembly of creative voices will bring a reinterpretation of the memes that helped capture the ridiculousness of 2020.

Starting Dec. 23, you'll be able to experience these memes by way of a first-of-its-kind interactive AR experience on your phone. Using a custom @Complex IG filter, users will be taken to a futuristic memeseum inside which they can fully explore different artists’ reinterpretations of the biggest memes of 2020. Complex is also putting Instagram's fresh Reels feature to good use in the name of memeseum signal boosting.

Ka5sh previously spoke with Complex surrounding his 2017 "I'm Depressed" success, going deep at the time on how music and memes were complementary forces.

"So, basically, I did the 'I f*ck with the vision, let's link and build' situation, if you're familiar with that," Ka5sh said at the time when asked about his ascent. "I did that, and it got to the point where like, it got out of my hands and Four Pins was tweeting it and then someone was trying to make a windbreaker out of it and Pete Wentz was like, 'Yo, I wanna buy it' and I was like, 'What the fuck, I'm not making money off of this?!'"

Look for the Ka5sh-assisted memeseum experience starting Dec. 23.

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