Chris Hemsworth’s Vacation in the Himalayas Nearly Cost Him His Life

Be kinder to the Hemsworths, mountains.

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Thanks to some relatively noteworthy mountains, we almost lost a Hemsworth. Chris Hemsworth, to be exact. The Ghostbusters star recounted the harrowing near-death experience to Jimmy Kimmel, a guy who is definitely the sort of person you would want to talk about near-death experiences with.

"We did a little trip to the Himalayas," Hemsworth told Kimmel of how he and wife Elsa Pataky occasionally spend their downtime. "Just my wife and I. We got higher and higher. We ended up at about 4,000 meters above sea level." According to Hemsworth, the usual process of spending a few days at different heights in an effort to slowly acclimate to the lack of oxygen simply wasn't cutting it. "I honestly started to kind of lose my mind," Hemsworth said. "Just completely irrational, overly sensitive to the most trivial sorts of silly things."

Eventually, Hemsworth recalled, Pataky started to notice that his breathing had impacted his voice to the point of sounding like a seemingly delightful blend of "Darth Vader meets Daffy Duck." After alerting nearby guards to her husband's not-so-great condition, Pataky got him on a helicopter with a breathing mask, thus narrowly saving a Hemsworth. By Kimmel's assessment, Hemsworth was spared by the clutches of fate due to the fact that he's simply "so handsome."

Thankfully, Hemsworth v. Mountain had a happy ending and dude is still around to do stuff like this:

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