Chris Hemsworth Shares Footage of 'Fat Thor' Singing Johnny Cash's Cover of NIN's "Hurt"

What would Trent think?

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With Chris Hemsworth out on Men in Black: International promo duty, it was only a matter of time until one of the late night Jimmys asked him for some purportedly exclusive behind-the-scenes footage of so-called "Fat Thor" from a certain Avengers shoot.

On Wednesday's largely Jonas Brothers-centered episode of The Tonight Show, Hemsworth let loose a clip of the Thor variation from Endgame running through a rendition of the classic Johnny Cash cover of the equally classic Nine Inch Nails cut "Hurt."

"I got an email from Kevin Smith and he said other middle-aged white men are very happy for that new superhero and it's like, cool, happy to help," Hemsworth joked, later speaking on the Endgame set's policy about not whipping out phones.

"Anytime you got on the phone you're like, who's watching?" he said, noting that breaking that policy was inevitable, especially when it was all of the Avengers in the same room. Fallon then asked for some exclusive "contraband" from Hemsworth's camera roll, a request promptly honored. 

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"This is a world first," he said. "No one's seen this before. I didn't even know if I was ever going to show it." See the full thing up top.

Later on Wednesday's Tonight Show, Hemsworth joined Fallon and Stuber star Kumail Nanjiani for a round of True Confessions:

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F. Gary Gray's Men In Black: International, also starring Tessa Thompson, is out Friday.

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