Chadwick Boseman Thanks Fan Who Predicted He Would Become Black Panther

Playing Black Panther was but "a dream," says Boseman, until the universe started showing him signs.

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Everyone is talking about how much money Captain America: Civil War is probablydefinitely going to make, which is a totally reasonable thing to do. However, the real high point of Civil War is (of course) the arrival of Chadwick Bosemanas Black Panther. No offense to the latest incarnation of Spider-Man, but Black Panther is just way cooler than Peter Parker ever dreamed of being. Boseman hit Jimmy Kimmel's nightly chat-a-thon on Thursday to talk about how the universe, which is apparently a big Black Panther fan, completely aligned to allow him the chance to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

"Some of the fanboys, fangirls, they somehow have some prophetic powers," Boseman told Kimmel, detailing a quick batch of prophecy he received while shooting Gods of Egypt. "I was filming in Australia and I was on set and this guy was doing security, his name was Charles Carter. He has them put the first issue of Black Panther in my trailer and writes a note and says 'I believe you're going to be Black Panther.'" According to Boseman, Black Panther (at that time) was simply on his radar "as a dream" but felt more like a reality after Carter's encouragement: "Charles Carter, wherever you are, you were right!"

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When Boseman finally got the call, he (of course) had to follow the usual hella secretive Marvel protocol. "I was in Zurich and I had to actually get off the red carpet, get in the car, and ride around because Marvel is really secret about everything," Boseman recalled, before revealing another co-sign from the universe. "The driver stops in front of the this antique shop and in the front window there was all these panthers in the window." Clearly the universe is very, very ready for Chadwick Boseman as Black Panther.

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