Lion-Murdering Dentist Paid a Huge Amount of Money in Sexual Harassment Settlement

Professional a**hole Walter Palmer settled a sexual harassment suit out of court in 2005.

Image via YouTube

Wow. Life is difficult for America's top tier, isn't it? First, everyone makes a huge fucking deal out of the fact that you paid 50 grand to murderZimbabwe's beloved Cecil the Lion just for the thrill of it because you can't achieve a natural erection. Then, everyone suddenly knows how to use Google and finds out that you actually have a history of such activity — including that one time you lied to federal officials about killing a black bear. Just when you think the storm might blow over, you're forced to close your dental practice amidst people still not understanding how truly hard it is to be you — a white man with money and an affinity for shitting indiscriminately all over everything in your path.

Out of nowhere, the woman you sexually harassed (then promptly paid off) expresses her joy at the sight of your sudden misfortune in the eye of the public. "Karma is a bitch!" she opines to the Daily Mail. But, hey, what's the big fucking deal, right? You're just a cool guy with money and dental expertise and enough money to touch, grope, shoot, or behead anything you want. That's still cool, right?

No, man. It's not. The woman in question — a former assistant of Cecil's globally reviled murderer Walter Palmer — accused the walking dumpster of "unwanted verbal comments and physical conduct involving her breasts, buttocks, and genitalia" in 2005. The case was settled out of court to the profoundly guilt-implying tune of $127,500. In short — once a creep, always a creep.


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