Hillary Clinton Winks at America in First Peek at 'Broad City' Cameo

According to 'Broad City' stars Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson, Hillary's appearance isn't meant as a political statement.

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The result of Hillary Clinton’s 45-minute visit to the Broad City set last December will be unveiled on Wednesday’s episode, with Ilana Glazer’s character somehow finding a way into the thick of Clinton’s presidential campaign. Though Hillary doesn’t get much in the way of actual lines in this first peek at the surely legendary episode, she does get the chance to make a nice slow motion entrance before delivering a soon-to-be-memed wink of the eye:

During a SXSW event last week, Glazer and Abbi Jacobsontold E! that the entire episode was indeed quite the trip. "We’ve had some amazing guest stars, but this is a whole other level," Jacobson said. "We were shooting and then we had to reset the camera for a different take and we were just chatting, just three girls chatting." According to Glazer, they even chatted about Hillary’s fellow episode co-star: Cynthia Nixon, a.k.a. Miranda from Sex and the City. "[Clinton] was like, 'I like her.'"

However, the Comedy Central titans insist that Hillary’s Broad City drop-in shouldn’t be considered as any sort of political endorsement. Instead, Jacobson says, it’s all about making good television. "We’re not making a political stance here," Jacobson said during a SXSW Q&A panel, as quoted by the Verge. "It was really more that this is something Ilana’s character would do." Glazer agreed, noting that their only goal for any given Broad City episode is to just "make really good TV."

Your move, Bernie Sanders.

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