While Hillary Clinton's win over Bernie Sanders in the Nevada caucus was pretty close, the same can't be said for her victory in South Carolina yesterday—a landslide victory. 

Sanders was gaining momentum when he beat out Clinton in New Hampshire earlier this month by a huge number, but his luck apparently couldn't last. With 99 percent of South Carolina's votes counted, Clinton took 73.5 percent of them while Sanders only had around 26 percent. 

Since launching his campaign, Sanders has had difficulty bringing in black voters, which was probably his biggest downfall in yesterday's primary. According to CNN, Clinton took over 80 percent of the state's black vote, even more than Obama, who took 78 percent of the vote back in 2008. 

While it's still too early to declare Clinton the outright front runner, her major victory comes at an opportune time—a couple of days before Super Tuesday. Eleven more Democratic primaries will take place on Mar. 1, and considering how many of them are in the South (where the Clinton family have always dominated), things could continue to move in Clinton's favor. But as of now, she's won three of four democratic primaries.

After yesterday's victory, Clinton spoke up about the upcoming race. "Tomorrow, this campaign goes national," she said.

We'll continue to see how it all plays out.