Seth Rogen, Sarah Silverman, and More Share Early Praise for 'Borat 2'

The uniquely 'Borat' brand of comedy serving as a means of exposing the horrors of our existence is back with the impending Amazon release of the sequel.

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Though no such reminder should be needed, it indeed brings me great pleasure to once again say that the Jason Woliner-directed sequel to the 2006 Sacha Baron Cohen gem Borat is mere days away from being made readily available via its Amazon Prime premiere.  

And while the bulk of today's post-embargo talk around the film has (understandably) centered on a sequence in which notorious scumbag Rudy Giuliani is caught with his hands in his pants following an interview with the character of Borat's daughter, the full experience—as I can independently confirm—is one hell of a ride through many of the comedy-challenging issues that will come to define 2020.

In addition to critics sharing their takes on the sequel, which held a must-see Metacritic average of 89 as of at the time of this writing, the official Borat Twitter account has seen Cohen responding to a number of fellow celebrities' reactions while staying decidedly in character.

Adam McKay, for example, praised the comedy for making him laugh so hard that he exhibited "embarrassing sounds." Borat, however, promptly let his followers know this tweeted review constituted an example of "fake news." According to Borat, the sequel is actually "a very serious documentary."

Others to have been given the timeless gift of in-character Borat blowback include Seth Rogen and Josh Gad.

Drake also loved the film and called it "insane." 


Below, enjoy a selection of additional noteworthy commentary on the excellency of Borat 2, then dive into the experience yourself this Friday on Amazon Prime.

Also, though it's certainly hard to care about this particular example of celebrity x Borat interaction, this happened:

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