'Black Panther' Director Ryan Coogler Is Also Co-Writing the Script

'Black Panther,' starring Chadwick Boseman, is slated to hit theaters on Feb. 16, 2018.

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While some people are busy still salivating over the new (and notDonald Glover) Spider-Man in the forthcoming Captain America: Civil War, those who truly get it are far more stoked on the debut of Chadwick Boseman as Black Panther. After Civil War drops in May, fans will be treated to the Ryan Coogler-directed Black Panther solo film in 2018. Kevin Feige, Marvel Studios prez and all-around hype man, told Collideron Monday that fans actually have another very promising reason to get (and stay) stoked on Black Panther: the Creed director is also co-writing the screenplay.

"We have a number of writers on it including Ryan Coogler, who is also directing," Feige said of the script's progress. "[Coogler]'s working on the draft right now. Between now and the end of the summer, there will be more casting announcements." According to Feige, a guy who would definitely know, Black Panther is set to begin shooting at the top of 2017. Of course, given that Coogler co-wrote and directed both the excellent Creed and the equally excellent Fruitvale Station, his status as a co-writer on Black Panther seems like a total no-brainer.

"It's so complicated living in this day and age in entertainment," Coogler toldVariety in January of his intentions to keep his artistic voice alive and well despite venturing into massive franchise territory. "Our generation is crazy because we grew up with all this pop culture. Star Wars isn't just a movie to us. It's something else too." Coogler, referencing the current mainstream cinema climate, says this era of filmmaking is simultaneously "exciting" and "frightening" in that it's easy to lose one's unique voice.

The acclaimed Rocky franchise reviver is also hard at work on TV drama Minors, which is currently in development with Short Term 12 director Destin Daniel Cretton and playwright Chinaka Hodge. The series, which Varietyreports Coogler is developing alongside production company Macro, is inspired by Coogler's early life experiences in the East Bay and Cretton's work in residential foster care.

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