Bella Thorne Backs SeaWorld Boycott: 'F*ck the People That Are Always Abusing Animals!'

Bella Thorne, who once appeared in a commercial for SeaWorld as a child, stars in a new PETA campaign for #BoycottSeaWorldDay. "Don't be afraid to show up with your signs and make your point," she says.

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Bella Thorne, who once filmed a commercial for SeaWorld as a child, now has a refreshing new stance on the lame-as-hell marine mammal theme park conglomerate.

"When I was a little girl, I did a commercial for SeaWorld, and even then, I knew there wasn't something right," Thorne told PETA, with whom she's collaborating on a new Boycott SeaWorld campaign photographed by Brian Bowen Smith, in an interview published Monday. "Fuck the people that are always abusing animals!" Specifically, she added, "Fuck SeaWorld!"

Tuesday is #BoycottSeaWorldDay, a call to action to give SeaWorld the proverbial finger. For Thorne's campaign, creative-directed by Nimrod Shapira, the actress/singer is photographed with a chained whale fin and the tagline "break the chains, boycott SeaWorld." 

"I think, definitely, a way to help would be boycotting SeaWorld, protesting SeaWorld," Thorne said. "Don't be afraid to show up with your signs and make your point." Up top, watch Thorne give a tour of her animal-friendly residence and call for a widely available vegan drive-thru restaurant.


Last week, we learned that Ride—starring Thorne, Will Brill, and Jessie T. Usher—had been picked up by RLJE Films and Urban Movie Channel. The premise, perVariety, revolves around a Los Angeles-based rideshare driver (Usher), a passenger (Thorne), and a "manipulative" third party (Brill) who flip their routine night into the fight of their lives. The film is set to be released this fall, both theatrically and via VOD services.

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