Aubrey O'Day Praises Pauly D's Pierced D**k, Which Somehow Has Its Own Facebook Page

Pauly D's pierced d**k, which has its own Facebook page, is out here getting public praise from former Danity Kane member Aubrey O'Day.

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The (unofficial) Facebook page for Pauly D's pierced D could probably benefit from a boosted post or two. Oh you didn't know? Pauly D's penis is reportedly pierced, and according to former Danity Kane icon Aubrey O'Day, the anatomical benefits of that piercing are definitely worth the presumed hassle. Also, said piercing has been rocking its own Facebook page for a few years now. Amazing.

"I'm happy," O'Day said in the just-released clip from the Famously Single season finale. "Today was the first day Pauly's really—he's getting it. He just wrote me a really sweet text." To summarize: lots of (alleged) love and happiness and smiles and cuddles and shit going down. Cool, I guess. But what about the elusive legend of Pauly D's pierced D?

"We've been having really good sex," O'Day continued, describing the activity in which couples often engage to feel a sense of intimacy or whatever. "We've had a good amount of sex. He has his, uh, penis pierced. It triggers the right spots!" Perhaps those triggered spots are responsible for the rise of that aforementioned Facebook page, which at the time of publication has amassed a reasonable but not exactly revelatory 77 fans:

Won't you be of some help and invite your friends and family to like Pauly D's penis piercing on Facebook? 

True Pauly D aficionados will note the the pierced D was revealed years ago surrounding the rise of the Jersey Shore empire, but that doesn't mean Aubrey O'Day's pierced D praise will go unnoticed. If you're into that sort of thing, you can pair all this pierced D talk with more on Pauly and Aubrey's possibly brief coupledom below:

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As noted by TMZ Monday, Pauly and Aubrey's 9-month relationship may have already come to an end. According to their sources, the two had a split over the weekend followed shortly after by Pauly cleaning house on his Instagram account. Pauly D had reportedly been irked by some Celebrity Big Brother footage of Aubrey, according to equally unnamed sources who dished on the alleged split to E! News. So many bummers in one sentence, but hopefully the two can work things out.

Here's to pierced penises!

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