American Atheists' Christmas Billboard Proves That Santa Claus Is Cool With Everyone Skipping Church

What would Scott Calvin think?

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December, with its harsh vibes of familial warmth and general joy, has now completely engulfed the United States with memories of Tim Allen and the struggle of an increasingly diminished checking account because Apple just won't stop releasing new stuff. Thankfully, some brilliant Americans are tackling the holiday spirit with a healthy sense of skepticism and a determined effort toward making Christmas, despite the first six letters of its name, a more inclusive holiday.

Fresh on the heels of that Ohio guy's amazing zombie nativity scene featuring an adorably hungry baby Jesus, we now have this:

The American Atheists, a group that's been riding hard for the separation of church and state since the 1960s, started putting up their new Christmas billboard all around Colorado Springs earlier this month, reports FOX 21. Thankfully, as we live in an intellectually strong and forward-thinking society, no one in the regional area or elsewhere was even remotely offended! Actually, um, just kidding:

"I think it’s a little offensive. When I first saw it I thought 'what did they mean by that?'" said Alexis Esselman.

Also, someone apparently left the American Atheists office a less-than-thrilled voicemail asserting that Santa is exclusively a Christian symbol in a totally calm and collected manner:

"We’re trying to be inclusive of everyone in Christmas and saying that anyone can celebrate it," American Atheists spokesperson Randy Gotovich tells FOX 21. "It shouldn’t be viewed strictly as a Christian holiday. People celebrate the birth of Christ and that’s perfectly fine. The other side of it is inherently secular: spending time with family, swapping gifts, having a meal together. That’s not inherently religious."

Hell yeah to that.

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