If you ever find your faith in the Lord wavering, there's a New Jersey pastor that can guide you back onto the right path—with his fist. In what looks to be a sermon given to churchgoers, Eric Dammann of the Bible Baptist Church told a moving story about punching a kid in the chest. This gem of a video, which runs for less than a minute, sees Dammann passionately recount the tale of how he knocked some sense into a young boy. 

Dammann starts out by introducing Ben, "a smart aleck," "a bright kid, which didn't help things. It made him more dangerous." There's obviously some sort of logic we are missing here, but we digress.

Ben was clearly having some issues with the Lord, issues we unfortunately aren't made aware of, and pastor Dammann figured there was only one way to get to the boy: "I crumpled the kid," Dammann proudly says. "I led the man to the Lord right there." It's an interesting choice of words, but Dammann, who wears one of those gimmicky pop star microphones to give his speech, appears pretty confident in his effort.

We don't know what happened to Ben, if he found his way back to God after having the wind knocked out of him, but one can only hope.