Amber Rose Speaks on Being Publicly 'Bullied' by Kanye West for 10 Years

Amber Rose sits down for an extended interview with Adam22 for the 'No Jumper' podcast, discussing everything from West's bullying to her love of OnlyFans.

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Amber Rose linked up with Adam22 for an extended interview on the No Jumper podcast this week during which she discussed the excitement she feels about the OnlyFans platform, her love of the family life, and—deeper into the discussion—her thoughts on how Kanye West has "bullied" her for years.

"I'm really excited about my OnlyFans," Rose said about five minutes into the interview when asked about what she's been working on as of late. "You know, I was a stripper for a long time. And I feel like, it's like a digital strip club. It's just fun for me. I feel like I'm going back to my roots. And you know, I think that a lot of people don't like to admit it but—for example—when I was a stripper, the reaction I used to get when I went on stage? You don't really get that reaction anymore as a famous person. You get a reaction but you get a very different reaction."

Later, Adam22 wondered if Rose had taken anything from her prior relationship with West with regards to confidence and how to navigate celebrity life. Rose said she "didn't soak up anything from him" because they are very different people.

"I'm a compassionate person," she said around 17 minutes in. "I have empathy. I'm a good person. That's why people love me. That's why anybody I've ever dated always loved me. They never … you can't really mention anyone that says anything really bad about me except for him. Because I got away. I'm not like him at all. I didn't get anything from him."

Speaking on recent events surrounding West's career, namely his embrace of Trumpism, Rose noted that she's "indifferent" but "concerned" from a distance. She's also not surprised by West's Trump alignment due to the fact that "they're literally the same person."

About 20 minutes in, Adam22 referenced West's public attempts at slut-shaming Rose, which she explained are simply part of what narcissists do to people.  

"I opted out," she said of the relationship. "I don't want my life to be like that. I'm not that type of person and I don't know if he says things to make his wife more comfortable but to slut-shame me and say you needed 30 showers? It's like, bro. [He] took me around the world. Like, since when do you need 30 showers?"

Ultimately, Rose explained, the people she was around during that time in her life were not her type and lacked a certain compassion. She also revealed that she's received book deal offers and similar "wild shit" proposals centered on recounting that era of her life, though doing such a thing is of no interest to her.

"That wouldn't make me happy," she said. "Even if somebody is picking on me, which he has for 10 years. He has picked on me. He has bullied me for 10 years."

Rose has long since moved on and—in her own words—only ever discusses her years with West when asked about them in interviews because they amount to "a big part" of why she became famous.

"You're bullying me," she said. "Just move on with your life."

Up top, catch the full 47-minute Amber Rose x Adam22 interview.

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