Amber Heard Shares Edited Photo of Jason Momoa to Spotlight Instagram's Sexist Nipple Policy

Instagram's years-long nipple problem persists, despite having no basis in logic.


Image via Getty/Craig Barritt


It's certainly no secret by now that Instagram's so-called "Community Guidelines" are wonky as hell, to say the least.

To highlight the app's tendency to target women with their arguable censorship methods, The Stand star Amber Heard has shared a tongue-in-cheek edit of a photo that was apparently the victim of Instagram's policies.

Noting that IG's Community Guidelines would very much appear to merely be "against showing the female nipple," Heard said she shared the photo as a way to highlight to their "strict nudity guidelines and such careful gender policies."

The subject of this Instagram-mocking photo edit is none other than Heard's Aquaman co-star Jason Momoa:

The original photo of Heard in question, perUproxx, was taken from her recent Interview Magazine shoot with photographer Matthew Welch. The photo included a nipple, which is somehow still something that places like Instagram are terrified of.

While Instagram and the like are maintaining a decidedly boring and uncultured view of the world around them, Heard's upcoming filmography choices boast plenty to be excited about. In the aforementioned The Stand, for example, Heard will join James Marsden for a CBS All Access adaptation of the Stephen King classic.

The series will also feature a "new coda" penned by King himself, who's handling writing duties for the final episode.

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