Ahmed Mohamed Says Nope to Going Back to Islamophobic Texas High School

Ahmed's father confirmed to reporters that his son has no desire to return to MacArthur High School after being detained for a clock.

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Though Bristol Palin did her Palin best to grotesquely misconstrue the public's widespread support for 14-year-old Ahmed Mohamed as some sort of attack against police officers (?) earlier this week, the general consensus on what transpired at MacArthur High School is still: Islamophobiaaimed squarely at a scientifically curious teenager. With offers now on the table to visit the White House and Facebook headquarters, not to mention the nowhere-near-subsiding media frenzy, many have questioned whether or not Ahmed would return to the certified trash Texas high school that so egregiously mistreated him.

"We're confident that we can continue to provide him with an excellent education," a school spokesperson told reporters shortly after the incident achieved swift virality, conveniently leaving out the portion of that "excellent education" so clearly aimed at assuming that a Muslim teen creative enough to build his own clock is probably just making bombs in disguise. Thankfully, that sentiment has been made quite clear during the continued fallout of Ahmed's grave mistreatment, a reality not lost at all on his family.

Mohamed Elhassan Mohamed, Ahmed's father, confirms to the Associated Press that Ahmed will not be returning to MacArthur High School, though where he will end up next is currently unknown. As if to prove the point that rampant Islamophobia is very much a real problem facing not only Texas but the entire United States, resident honey-glazed tiger testicleDonald Trump frustratingly butchered an opportunity to set straight the ignorance of an audience member at a recent rally.

Do better, Texas America.

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